Hair Fitting Pricing

high quality weave & hair extensions

Luxury Weave: 1 x Double Row£40.00
Luxury Weave: 2 x Double Rows£70.00
Luxury Weave: 3 x Double Rows (extra double rows £35.00)£100.00
LA Weave: 1 x Double Row£35.00
LA Weave: 2 x Double Rows£60.00
LA Weave: 3 x Double Rows (extra double rows £30.00)£85.00
Single Strands: 60 x Strands£50.00
Single Strands: 100 x Strands£80.00
Single Strands: 140 x Strands£100.00
Single Strands: 175 x Strands£120.00
Single Strands: 200 x Strands£150.00

Tape Hair Extension Fitting

Removal & refit£140.00
Fitting only£100.00

First visit – cutting & curling free with fitting.
Styling & curling hair extensions £15.00 per each visit.

Double Method

Prices for double method system will be priced upon a consultation, please contact us.
Usually the single strands are attached on the sides, when having a weave fitted.

Weave Prices (including hair & fitting)
Euro Range: 30 inch 200g Lifespan 3-6 months£700.00
Elegance Range: 20 inch 240g Lifespan 9-18 months£840.00
Luxury Range: 18 inch 200g Lifespan 6-9 months£490.00
Single Strands Prices (including hair & fitting)
Elegance Range: 20 inch 180g£750.00
Luxury Range: 18 inch 180g£450.00
Tape Hair Extension Prices (including hair & fitting)

Elegance Range
Remi Cachet Injection Tape®️ hair extensions are designed to be discreet in your own natural hair, from the injection process that mimics the root and hair growth, to the 4cm wide coloured backing that changes depending on the desired colour.

  • 20 Pieces per pack
  • Double Drawn
  • 14″ – 2.2g per piece (44g total)
  • 18″ – 2.2g per piece (44g total)
  • 22″ – 3g per piece (60g total)

Prices available upon request.

Luxury Range
Remi Cachet Luxury Tape Hair are designed to be discreet in your own natural hair, while allowing for a quick application process. Each 4cm wide piece allows for a variety of placement options that suit the client’s individual needs.

  • 10 pieces per pack
  • Naturally Drawn
  • 18″ – 2g per piece (20g total)
  • Available in 16″, 18” 22” & 24″

Prices available upon request.

Products we use:
Platinum Range:
  • Beauty Works

  • Remi Cachet
  • Prestige Hair Extensions
  • Zen Hair Extensions 
Quality Range:
  • Viola Hair Extensions
  • Weaves & Waves
  • Transform Hair Extensions
  • Angel Remy
  • Hair Kings Hair Extensions
Premium Range:
  • Xextenions
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